Date: Fri, 27 Apr 01
Subject: Fallen Eagle - Tony Radziminski
Reply-To: "Freedom Through Vigilance Association"

With great sadness, I just learned from his widow Mitchiko that Tony Radziminski passed away this afternoon at 3:45PM in Pittsburgh, PA. Many of you will remember Tony as the jovial "RATSO" from USAFSS assignments at Wakkanai, Berlin, HQ USAFSS, et al in the 1970s-80s.

Although Mitchiko did not go into any details, his passing is no doubt due to liver failure--he had been waiting for a liver transplant at the VA hospital in Pittsburg, but the transplant waiting list (500+ days for a liver) were more than his weak system could stand.

Mitchiko will be asking for a military funeral. Memorial services will be conducted in Pittsburgh; details are in the early planning stage. I just got off the phone with Tony's brother-in-law in Pittsburgh & Tony's sister is working out service details at present. I'll let you know when I learn more about the plans.

Will be in touch with additional details.


Respectfully, Larry Tart sending from central Pennsylvania--State College, PA (814) 238-7067

Date: Sun, 29 Apr 01
Subject: Services for Tonyt Radziminski
Reply-To: "Freedom Through Vigilance Association"
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Received the following info from Tony Radziminski's sister and mother regarding wake & funeral services:

Sunday-Monday, Apr 29-30 (2:00-4:00 & 7:00-9:00PM) laid out at Zelewski Funeral Home, 44th Street, Lawrenceville (Pittsburgh).

Funeral will be on Tuesday at 10:00AM, St Stanislaus Church, 21st & Smallman St, (Strip District area), Pittsburgh.

Sympathy cards can be sent to Tony's Mother:

Mrs. Julia Radziminski
245 40th St
Pittsburgh, PA 15201

and to Tony's widow Mitchiko Radziminski:

Mrs. Mitchiko Radziminski
2013 Foxboro Drive
Fort Wayne, IN 46818-1824

Tony's sister Adele is working with the mortician to arrange for a military funeral.


Larry Tart
sending from central Pennsylvania--State College, PA (814) 238-7067