MSgt Oliver N. Mueller(USAF Ret), age 84, passed away in February 2011.

MSgt Oliver N. Mueller passed away in Lockhart, TX during February 2011. Oliver was born 28 Nov 1928 in Buckman, MN. Oliver served 22 years in the Air Force, much of those with USAFSS as an ELINT NCO. After retiring and locating to Lockhart, Oliver graduated from UT Austin in 1978. He devoted his remaining years to his wonderful wife, Ingrid and their families.

I was privileged to serve with "Ollie" at the 6912th RSM circa 1964. A professional NCO; one many of us "rookies" admired and looked up to. He kept us "on course" in launching several successful careers, including mine. I was blessed to have found him in Lockhart awhile back, and spent a wonderful afternoon reminiscing about the old days in Berlin. When I PCS'd...late Nov '64...Ollie was NCOIC of the ELINT Section. After a couple years at the 12th, he married a Berliner and was reassigned. Seem to recall he had a brief stint at NSA...retiring as an E-7 with 20. Thanks Ollie! Rest in Peace, my friend. //Darr King//