Fallen Eagles
AAKER, Tom "NIP" MSgt 1999 SS Ol'timer; Cmd Hq, 6910 Darmstadt, Landsberg, Ger, et al
ACOSTA, Angelo "Ace" SMSgt 1988 SS Ol'timer; ACRP, Spanish Linguist
ADAMS, Warren MSgt 1995 Finance; Pacific Korea, et al
ADAMS, Winfield C. Col 2000 SS Ol'Timer; WWII Bomber pilot; USAFSS Cmd Hq, Europe, et al
ALGER, Buddy C. SMSgt 1998 304XX Maint,Cmd Hq,Pac theater mostly
ALLEN, Edward Crow LCol 2001 SS Ol-Timer; Unit Cmdr 50's/60's; WWII Vet. et al...
ALLEN, William H. "Rip" SMSgt 1987 SS Ol-Timer, remembered in 15th RSM
ANDERSON, Thomas A. Col 1994 Engineering
ANDREWS, James L. SSgt 1999 SS Ol Timer, Crypto; 8th RSM '49; Hq & Hq Sq '49-'50; 10th RSM, et al
ANGELO, Joseph R. MSgt 19?? SS Ol'Timer Linguist; ACRP @ Rhein Main, Athens; finally NSA as Civ
ANTHONY, Paul N. Sgt 1970 Killed during mortar attack on DaNang AB, Vietnam
ARCANO, Douglas Sgt 1969 Opr/ASRP @ Eielson, killed aboard RC 135 RIVET AMBER; Bearing Sea crash
ARDISANA, Bernard BGen 1978 ESC Vice Cmdr '75-'77; Dep Cmdr/Dep Dir NSA; Bldg 2000 namesake
AREVALOS, Ronald M. "Tonto" MSgt 2000 ESC ACRP Vietnam,Korea,Okinawa, Cmd Hq
ARGOE, John B. A2C 195? SS ACRP airborne Maint Tech @ Rhein Main in '56; killed in auto accident
ARMSTRONG, William D. TSgt 1975 SS ACRP, Aragb linguist 6916th SS/Athens; heart attack @ home in Athens
ARSENEAUX, Bill Unk 1999 USAFSS maintenance
ASBELL, William E "Willie" MSgt 2000 SS Ol Timer, Brooks, Kelly, Bremerhaven, et al
ASHCRAFT, Joseph H.,Jr "Joe" GS14 2000 SS Ol'Timer, AFSS Cmd Hq. Opns Staff; WWII Navy many accolades & awards
AUDET, Lawrence "Larry" MSgt 1985 ELINT; AN/GLR-1 expert Hof Germany
AUGUSTINUS, Robert H. Col 1985 Cmd Opns Staff; SS-Ol'Timer
BAGLEY, James Unk 2000 Served with 2nd RSM
BAGLEY, Robert "Bobby" Col 1997 Ops, Director Cmd Alert Ctr;X-POW 9-67 to 3/73 following shoot down of RF-101
BAHR, Robert L. "Bob" MSgt 1996 Ops, Cmd Hq & ETO area: Bremerhaven, Pakistan; Viet Nam; Goodfellow
BAIN, William D. Unk 198? SS Ol'Timer, Linguist, ACRP Prog out of Rhein Main
BAKER, Francis "Frank" SMSgt 196? 29290/Printer; ACRP-B29's; SS-Ol'Timer; also functioned as front-end Radio Opr
BALCER, Steven C. SSgt 1981 Opr/ACRP @ Eilsen; killed in RC135 COBRA BALL accident in Shemya
BALL, Thomas Unk 2000 Best known in Det 5, Hickam AFB, Hawaii
BALLARD, Clyde Col 1995 Mgt analyst; WWII B-29 pilot; Cmd Staff; Vietnam, Italy; Ret '71, et al
BALM, Raymond R. SMSgt 1996 Comm Analyst Navy to AF '49; Cmd Staff, PAC & ETO's
BALUH, Raymond R. SMSgt 1996 Comm Analyst; Navy to AF 1949; Cmd Staff, Pacific & ETO's
BARD, Toddy Unk 1990 Unk
BARNES, John "Jack" LCol 1972 SS ACRP; 6949th SS/6994th Cmdr; USAFSS Cmd Sect Pilot
BARNES, Robert "Barney" Unk 1992 Unk
BARNHART, Clarence C. Maj, 1984 Operations Officer; 6989th RSM, et al
BARNHART, William C. Maj 1992 Operations Officer @ Kadena late 70s.
BARONETT, Louis "Lou" Unk 2000 Career specifics unknown
BARRETT, Fred CMSgt 1999 SS Ol'timer, pers/admin CMD 1st Sgt, SSFCU Gen Mgr, FTVA Past Pres, 1984 HoH
BARRICKLOW, Fred M. Col 1995 SS Ol'Timer; Ops Off; Cmd Plans/Programs staff
BARTON, Lloyd CMSgt 1996 202XX, to SS fm '50 @ Brooks; astute Cmd golfer; retired out of AFSCC
BAZEMORE, Asa M. MSgt 1999 29290; 1950 Brooks AFB Ol'timer; Cmd Hq, Hq USAF, Alaska, Special Projects, et al
BEATIE, Charles F. "Chuck" Col 1989 CC, 6933rd SW, et al
BEAVERS, James "Jim" CMSgt 1997 Unk
BEEBE, Raymond GS 1998 AFSS Ol'timer 38-yrs, Cmd Hq Reprographics; was CWO US Army Reserve
BELFI, Charles L. LCol 1986 Ops Off; SS Ol'Timer
BELL, Ferris (Steve) MSgt 1999 SS Ol'Timer, linguist, Germany, Pakistan, NSA, Cmd Hq
BELLAMY, Charles SMSgt 19?? ACRP; AMT @Rhein Main in late 60's/early '70's; died early 80's
BELMONT, Donald E. "Wimpy" CWO3 1997 Linguist, SS O'Timer; early linguist in ACRP Rhein Main, Ger & Yokota
BELYEU, Homer, Jr MSgt 1995 SS Ops Ol'Timer; mostly in Pac area
BENAVIDES, Eugene L. TSgt 1969 SS, A29271/ASRP @RM,killed RC135,Rivet Joint, Lost in Bering Sea
BERKANT, Daniel "Danny" LC 1977 Personnel, Cmd HQ, ESR, et al
BERNARD, Barbara "Stacey" GS 2000 Educator; turned turned Lackland schools into Blue Ribbon operation;
BEYERS, Walter F. MSgt 1993 SS Ops Ol'Timer Brooks AFB, PACAF & ETO, 33° Mason/Shriner
BIGFORD, Richard G. CMSgt/Maj 1993 SS CMSgtgt won commission in Army; retired as Maj
BLACKBURN, Joe CMSgt 1998 SS Ol'timer, 202XX and instructor; active in COMSEC
BLAIR, Robert E. TSgt 1998 Career/Org/specialty not known
BLAIS, Leo D. SSgt 2000 SS Korean era, discharged became State Senator & successful business owner
BLAKE, Gordon A. LGen 1997 SS Cmdr 57-59; DirNSA 62-66
BLAZEL, David B. "Blazer" CMSgt 1990 Russian linguist @ Rhein Main, Yokota, , Osan, Athens, Offutt. Superb AMS.
BLOUNT, Fred W. GS14 2000 SS Ol'Timer, Cmd Hq Plans/Programs/CCP Tech Advisor; 32° Mason & Shriner
BOLLICH, Michael "Mike" Unk 1991 Unk
BONIN, Dwight E. Col 1991 Unk
BOPRAY, Steve MSgt 1999 Russian TAC OP, took his own life
BORDEN, Julius S. "Jim" Maj 1998 Cmd Hq, Alaska, et al
BORNER, Robert L. Unk 1982 ACRP; 6990th; 6908th
BORRIES, William "BO" MSgt 1998 SS Ol'timer; A292/A207; out of 16th, 94th,49th: Rptd by SMSgt Larry Tart
BOTELHO, Larry MSgt 1994 A/C Maint
BOUKNIGHT, Charles L "Chuck" SMSgt 2001 SS Ol'timer, 70290, Brooks, 6900thSW Fkft,Ger,Cmd Hq, 27-years AF svc
BOURG, Archie T.,Jr A2C 1958 Intcpt Opr; killed 1958 in C130 shoot down
BOUSQUET, Ernest V. CMSgt 1998 ??
BOWEN, Jack S. MSgt 1993 SS Ol'Timer; Communicator; 20-yrs military; 25-yrs as Civ
BOWERS, William R. "Bill" Col 2000 SS Ol Timer, 1949 fr ASA in Va; Intl Off, WWII navigator, instl'd SS HoH 1988
BOWLES, Charles W. LCol 1992 Operations Off; SS Cmd Staff Plans & Programs; Ret to teaching Holmes HS, SATx
BOYD, Hugh MSgt 19?? Logustics Support, Cmd Hq
BOYER, Earl K. SMSgt 1996 SS Ol'Timer, Logistics, ESC, AFIC, FTVA mbr, recruiter when deceased
BRADFORD, Blyth Unk 1988 Unk
BRADY, James "Jim" Col 19?? SS Ol'Timer; 6920 SG/Johnson AB Jpn; wrote 1st ops ords for 1st ACRP in Far East
BRANDENBURG, Dale Sgt 1973 ARDF Opr killed in EC-47, "BARON -52" shot down over Laos
BRATUSEK, George R. GS 1999 SS/ESC Ol'Timer; WWII Vet; 33-yr Logistics; Cmd Hq, AFCD
BRAUN, Serran R. Unk 1999 Duty assignments in San Antonio, San Angelo, Alaska, Pakistan, Turkey
BRAY, Carol GS 1998 Hq Publications et al, Ret at age 83; Hus was one-time lst Sgt HQ Spt Sq as MSgtt
BRESNOCK, Michael L. CMSgt 1917 Opns, SS Ol'Timer fm 50's; duty mostly in ETO
BROCK, Wanda Jane "Janie" GS 1999 SS Ol'Timer of 36-years service, mostly at GoodfellowAFB,Tx
BROOKS, Huey P. SMSgt 2001 292/207 Airborne many years @ Yokota/Kadena/Bremerhaven/Rhein Main
BROOKS, Robert O. LCol 1985 SS Ol'Timer, Ops Officer 1st RSM in early 50's
BROUGHTON, Thomas E. Unk 1993 Unk
BROWN, Aubrey W. MSgt 1993 Linguist, ACRP @ Yokota, Rhein Main, Hq USAFSS, et al
BROWN, Ellis G. "Brownie" CMSgt 19?? R73200, Pers Super, 6986 Scty Gp, Wakkanai AS, Japan & Cmd Hq Staff, et al
BROWN, George R. MSgt 1999 Background unknown
BROWN, Hermie MSgt 1996 AFSS Russian stationed Eileson, Yokota
BROWN, James E. "Jim" SMSgt 1997 SS Ol'Timer 1950-65
BROWN, Stacey E. LCol 1992 Ops Off Cmd Hq Staff, duty in Vietnam,Korea, China; Cmdr 6988 when retired
BROWWELL, John L. LCol 199? SS Ol'Timer, Cmdr 6913th RSM, Bremerhaven, et al
BRUMFIEL, Robert T. "Tom" LCol 2000 SS Ol'Timer, Comptroller Staff Data Proc Cmd Hq; AFSCC; et al
BRUNEY, David "Dave/Greagle" CMSgt 1994 SS Ol'Timer Chinese Linguist; Cancer
BULLARD, Steven L. MSgt 1998 SS ACRP ; AMT @ Eielson & Athens; IMT on COMBAT SENT @ Offutt
BUMGARDNER, James K. AlC 1993 SS Ol'Timer; 6913th RSM late 50's; on 1st ACRP crews @ Rhein Main AB
BURKE, V. Marjorie "Marge" GS 1999 SS Ol'Timer; 30-years with AFSS & ESC
BURNETTE, Harry Harry J. Jr SMSgt 2000 SS Ol'timer, Comp Programmer; system analyst, Germny, NSA, Fla.,Cmd Hq
BURNS, William "Bill" Unk 2001 USAF Comsec Vet @ Brooks, Japan, Korea, Germany
BURROW, Arthur H. Maj 1984 Unk
BURTON, Vernon E. CMSgt 1997 Specialty unk; SS Ol'Timer from 50's; SS Basket-Ball coach
BUSH, James Col 2001 1990 HoH member; USAFSS advocate @ Asst Sec Def/Intel
BUSH, Joseph "Joe" Col 1994 Ops Off, SS O'Timer; Cmdr Chicksands, Goodfellow, et al
BUTLER, Vernon S. "Steve" CMSgt 1994 Ops; Cmd IG team, svc ETO, PAC; AFEWC
BUTZ, J. Marshall Unk 1991 Unk
CACIOPPO, Anthony J. GS 1996 EW expert; EW R & D
CAGLE, James "Jim" LCol 1987 SS Ol'Timer; Admin; Cmdr 6900 Spt Sqdn, Fkft, Ger
CAIN, Charles Lee MSgt 1986 Expertise not known
CALKINS, Richard M. "Dick" CMSgt 199? SS Ol'Timer, Brooks, Bremerhaven, et al
CAMPBELL, Chester J. MSgt 1998 SS Ol'Timer; Airborne Maint Tech; HQ, 6988; 6949; Ret 1972
CANUPP, Marvin S., Jr TSgt 2000 SS 1964-'84, Morse Opr, Supv, San Vito, et al; avid golfer
CAREY, Russell John, Jr Col 1999 WWII /Viet Nam bomber pilot; numerous non-rated jobs in SS; Mason, Shriner, Daedalian
CARLILE, Earle D. CMSgt 1997 29290; SS Ol'Timer fm 1950; H of H member in '88; 33° Masons/Shriner
CARLILE, Herman "Jerry" LCol 1996 Ops Off; WWII ftr pilot, spec opns Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia
CARNAHAN, Boyd I. SMSgt 1978 29290, SS O'Timer fm 50's
CARTER, Braxton Col 2000 SS Ol'Timer; SS DCS/LG in early 70's; Ret as USSAG/7AF
CARTER, Marshall S. LGen 1993 Ops, Dep Dir CIA, Dir NSA '65; CS NORAD, et al
CAVOLAN, Eugene J. Unk 1998 AFSS Ol'timer, COMSEC was his game
CERNEY, Robert "Bob" SMSgt 1984 Admin/Comptroller, Cmd Staff; 6900 SW, Fkft, Ger in 60's
CERVIN, Kenneth R. MSgt 1996 202 @ Zweibrucken
CHAPMAN, William C. CMSgt 1999 SS Ol'timer; ditty bopper, Alaska, AFSCC, SEA to PACAF Cmdr & DirNSA
CHAPPELL, Everett W. MSgt 1977 1st Sgt 8th RSM Brooks 1949-53
CHESS, Edwin Ralph MGen 2000 USAFSS Cmd Chaplin 1960, notable WWII and career achievements
CHEVALLIER, Thomas M. MSgt/GS 2000 SS Ol'Timer, WWII Vet; career finished in AFCD
CHIAPPINI, George P. "Chuck" GS 1998 SS Ol'timer fm ASA, joined SS at Arlington Hall "49, then to Brooks AFB
CHUKNICK, Merle SMSgt 1997 Operations/Msn Spt, Cmd Staff, Turkey & Japan
CICAK, Peter MSgt 2001 B24 radioman WW II. Flew the hump >100 times
CLARK, Charles, Jr "Chuck" Col 1993 Ops Off; Ret as CS AFSS
CLARK, Renona GS 1991 Secretary to Cmdr MajGen O'Shaughnessy
CLAUS, Warren G. MSgt 1994 Comm; SS Ol'Timer; Cmd Hq, 6970, Crete, Taipei, Taiwan, Chicksands
CLEVER, Louis J. TSgt 1969 ARDF opr killed in Pleiku-based EC-47 shot down over Vietnam
COBBLE, James Unk Unk Served @ Elmendorf mid-late 60s
COFFIELD, Leland R. Unk 1989 Unk
COFFLAND, Lewis F. "Lou" CMSgt/GS 199? Ol'Timer 202XX; Analyst; retired out of AFSCC
COLEY, Donald D. "Bob" MSgt 1998 202XX; AFEWC when retired
COLLIER, Claude R. Unk 1982 SS Ol'Timer; Morse Intcpt Opr; Brooks AFB; 41st RSM Bremerhaven, Ger 1952-54
COLLINS, B.D. GS 1989 Ol'Timer; Cmd Hq, AFSCC, et al
COLTMAN, Bill Col 1974 6901st SAWD. F-111 crash.
COLWELL, Leonard E. MSgt 2000 SS Ol'timer from '50's, 304XX maint, Turkey, Alaska, San Angelo, Thailand, NSA, et al
COMEAUX, Paul C. Unk 1991 Unk
CONDON, William J. GS 1986 Unk
CONLIN, John C. LCol 1986 Unk
CONNER, Michael R SSgt 1970 ARDF opr killed in EC-47 shot down over Vietnam
CONNER, William F. Amn 1956 ACRP/Chinese linguist; killed in accidental shooting @ Yokota AB, Japan
CONSOLVER, Sherman E.,Jr Sgt 1969 Opr/ASRP @ Eilsen; killed aboard RC135 RIVET AMBER lost in Bearing Sea crash
CONYNE, Reed C. Jr MSgt 1998 SS Ol'timer; Army Sig Corp into SS in Masawa, Germany & Cmd Hq
COOK, Bobby G. Unk 1994 Electronic Maint
COONEY, Jack B. Col 1985 Opns Staff Officer
COOPER, Thomas P. "Hank" ' CMSgt 2001 SS Ol'timer, dittieboper, 41st RSM(6913), Cmd Hq(DO) in DOC Comm, et al
COPLEY, Carmen C. CMSgt 1976 SS Ol'Timer, WWII Rad Opr, 29290, Pacific, Germany, Cmd Hq, et al
CORNETTE, Earl M. Col 1998 33-yrs AF; WW-II; Korean Conflict; Vietnam
CORNOYER, Chester C. CMSgt 1985 Background unknown
COVER, Oliver J. Maj 1995 Opns Admin; Cmd DCS/P&P, 23-yrs SS & NSA
CRAGER, Leonard R. SMSgt/GS 1999 SS Ol'Timer; ESC as Civ; duty in Germany, Philippines, Alaska; earned MMS @ TAM
CRAIG, Mary Ann GS 1994 SS Ol'Timer; Cmd Ops Staff, ; NSAEUR
CRELLIN, Leland R. "Lee" CMSgt 1999 SS Ol'Timer; WWII B-17 Rad Op; SS Msn Supt; Pacific, Goodfellow, NSA, et al
CRESPO, Valente AlC 1985 Unk
CRESSMAN, Peter R. Sgt 1973 ARDF Opr, killed in EC-47 "BORON-52" shot down over Laos
CRITZER, James Unk 19?? SS Russian linguist in Berlin & Wakkanai in late 50's or early 60's
CROWLEY, Alan A1C 1985 292/207 @ Crete, Chicksands, 6984th Goodfellow
CUMMINGS, Anthony A. Jr. CMSgt 2001 AFIC Supt of DP at retirement
CURRAN, Robert J. CMSgt 1986 Ol'Timer; 202XX, 6989th RSM, et al
CURRY, Robert "Bob" CMSgt 19?? Ol'Timer from 50's; 29290; worked for then Capt O'Shanasshey
DALUZ, Antonio V. Jr. "Tony" Major 1982 ACRP; Russ ling @ Darmstadt in 50's; Yokota & Rhein-Main in 60's; NCO/Off AMS
DAMAINI, John P. SMSgt 1990 29290; SS Ol'Timer; Cmd P&P Staff when retired
DANFORTH, Charles E. Jr SMSgt 1996 Comm; SS Ol'Timer fm '50's; Korea, Crete, Vietnam, Phillipines, Scotland
DANIELS, William N. "Billy" CMSgt 2000 SS Ol'timer, HOH in '98, Russ/Vietnamese linguist, HQ, PSR, Germany, Italy, et al
D'ARCY, Charles E. CMSgt 2000 SS Ol'timer from 50's; WWII vet; German POW, Rad Opr; 29290 & sports lover
DARNELL, William L. Col/GS 2000 SS Ol'Timer fm '51 to '69, Elec Engineer, WWII pilot; Masonic Ord, Kisanis, et al
DARR, Charles S. MSgt 1996 1st Sgt; COMSEC
DAVEY, Ronald "Combat Ron" CMSgt 1990 Ol'Timer, 203XX; 6989th, 6990th, Senior Enl Adv PACSECRGN, et al
DAVID, Luther M.,Jr CMSgt 1995 Opns; Cmd NCO of Yr '68; England, Crete, Vietnam
DAVIDSON, Carl M. Unk 1992 Background Unk
DAVIS, Bobby R. TSgt 1956 SS Ol'Timer, ACRP,linguist, Yokota AB, lost on RB-50 msn 9-10-56
DAVIS, Charles E. SMSgt 1999 SS Ol'Timer, Dittie-Bopper from Brooks in 50's;Chicksands, Cmd Hq, et al
DAVIS, Charles K. "CK" Unk 19?? A20771 at Osan, Yokota, Kadena
DAVIS, Gerald C. TSgt 2001 USAFSS 292/207 then 702. Ret @ 6960th Orderly Room
DAY, Dwight H. CMSgt 1995 29290 SS Ol'Timer fm '50; 40 yrs combined svc; H of H in '96
DEAN, Joseph L. CMSgt 1996 Premier linguist H of H member '97
DEAS, Bobbie L. MSgt 1999 SS Ol'Timer/ 1957-78, Pacific, distinguished Airborne Opns ETO PTO, SEA, etc.
DEELY, Walter G. Unk 1989 Unk
DeFILY, Ophelia "Myrt" GS 1998 GS Civ Ol'timer, most well-known for her bowling skills; SA 600 Club; WIBC 700 Club; et al
DeLASHMIT, William E Unk 2001 Bulgarian linguist & analyst @ Karamursel, NSA. Then career in real estate.
DeLAUIS, Constance "Connie" GS 1999 Civ Ol'Timer, Pers Dir Sec Dir for AFSS/ESC; retired '87 w/30-yrs svc
DeMATTEO, Pete Unk 2001 6910th Gp (1950s)
DEMERS, Robert P "Frenchy" MSgt 1986 AMS Russian/French linguist @ R/M/Scotland early 60s. Heart attack at San Antonio
DENGEL, Edward H.,Jr CMsgt 1990 Airborne Maint @ R/M, Omaha.
DEWERFF, Carl E. CMSgt 1986 Unk
DICKSON, Robert A. LCol 199? SS Ol'Timer, Cmdr 6913thRSM,Bremerhaven, Ger, et al
DiFEDERICO, James V. CMSgt 1997 SS Ol'timer; 29˝-yrs SS CMSgtgtt; 11-yrs Civ
DISBROW, Lorin C. Maj 1956 SS ACRP Cmdr ACRP unit @ Yokota, lost aboard RB-50 in SOJ Sep 56
DIXON, Richard V. MSgt 2000 SS Ol'Timer, ret 1977; non-morse Search & Dev; Cmd Hq, Turkey, Japan, Italy
DODD, William J. "Bill" LCol 1993 Ops Off; WWII - China, Burma, India; Cmdr Adak, Ak; Vietnam; DIA Staff
DORAN, Harry L. Unk 1992 Unk
DORAN, James T. "Jim" LCol 198? AC&W to SS ELINT/EW; Tripoli, 6900SW, Cmd ELINT Staff
DORAN, Leo J.,Jr Unk 1990 Unk
DORSEY, James V. SSgt 1969 ARDF Opr killed in Pleiku-based EC-47 shot down over Vietnam
DOUGLAS, Jack D. GS 1999 SS Ol'Timer; 21 yrs mil & 28 years CSvc; 32° Scottish Rite Mason & Alzafar Shriner
DOW, Lloyd E. Maj 1989 Ops Officer; SS O'Timer; OIC Compartmented Projects
DOWLING, John J. Unk 1994 Expertise unknown
DRAKE, Marvin "Marv" SMSgt 1997 Unk
DUBOIS, Arthur E CMSgt 1990 29290; SS Ol'Timer; Tripoli, Darmstadt, Frankfurt, Korea, Hawaii
DULONG, Louis J. MSgt 197? SS Ol'Timer, ACRP @ Rhein-Main/Incirlik in 60's; USAFE golf champ
DUNCAN, Justin R. Unk 1989 Unk
DUNCAN, Paul E. Capt 1958 SS Ol'Timer, ACRP C130 (#60528) pilot,asgd USAFE,shot down Sep 2-58.
DUNIVANT, Melvin A. GS 1987 Unk
DUPNICK, Aloys F. "Al" Unk 1991 Background not known
EATON, Ross Unk 1994 32 yrs service with SS,ESC,AFIC; specialty unk
EBNER, Floyd A. Unk 1986 SS Ol'Timer '57-'81; WWII vet
EDEN, Donald P. Maj 199? SS Oll'Timer, Ops Off 6913thRSM, Bremerhaven, etc
EDGETT, Joe Unk 1991 Specialty unknown
EDGRIN, Robert D. Col 19?? Ops Off, Cmdr 6920 ABG
EDWARDS, Charles O. SMSgt 1998 Admin, SS Ol'Timer, 27-yrs; Cmd Staff, Taiwan, Vietnam, et al
ELIASEN, Norman GS 1991 SS Ol'Timer from Navy; Cmd P & P Staff
ELLIS, Bob Col 199? Chicksands 1960s
ELLIS, William H. A1C 1956 SS ACRP linguist @ Yokota; lost on RB-50 msn 09-10-56
EMBRY, James C. LCol 1995 Ops Off Cmd Staff; rated Navigator
ENGBRETSON, Stewart "Stu" CMSgt 1996 Premier Linguist; into HoH 1986
ENGLAND, Fred G. Jr. LCol 2001 SS Ol'Timer; WWII vet; many SS/ESC asgnments world wide/Cmd&Staff
ERIKSEN, John G. Unk 1994 Communicator, Cmd Staff, HQ ESR, Fkft, Gr, et al
ERKINGER, Edward MSgt 1993 Operations
ESS, Van LCol 19?? Cmd Hq Staff
ESSLINGER, Jack H Capt 1975 Prior Chinese linguist, staff off, ordained minister, great guy. Brain tumor.
EUBANK, Charles R. Col 1993 SS OlTimer
EVANS, Phillip G. Col 1990 SS Ol'Timer; Cmd DCS/P&P
EVDOKIMOFF, Dimitri Col 1997 Ops Off; SS Ol'Timer fm '50; Ops Off at Chicksands, et al
EVERSOLE, Robert E. CMSgt 1998 Supply, SS Ol'timer from 50's; C46/C54 pilot Korea, retired in '67
FARMER, James C. MSgt 1996 292XX, Cmd Staff, ETO, Taiwan, et al
FELLOWS, Ernest "Ernie" GS 19?? Ol'Timer, Cmd Hq & AFSCC, et al
FERGUSON, James E.,Jr A2C 1958 Opr, killed Sep 2, 1958 in ACRP C130 shoot down
FIELD, Russell W. CMSgt 199? R10090, 1st-Sgt 6931 Scty Gp, Iraklion AS, Crete & Cmd Hq Staff, et al
FIELDING, Herbert Capt 19?? Piloted SS 1st ACRP platform
FIELDS, Joel H. A2C 1958 292XX Operator, killed Sep 2, '58 in ACRP C130 shoot down
FINDLING, William F. Unk 2000 SS Ol'Timer from 50's, 702xx, Tan Son Nhut (SSO), Japan, Alaska, et al
FINLEY, Elgan Yound "EY" Unk 1992 Background not known
FIRTH, Darryl "CB" SMSgt 1996 SS Ol'Timer ACRP @ Rhein-Main, Offutt, et al
FLATTEN, John M., Jr Col 1997 SS Ol'Timer '63; SJA
FLEISCHMANN, Ervin C. CMSgt 1985 SS Ol'Timer; into HoH '84
FLOYD, Robert K. Maj 1984 Unk background
FLYNN, Riley A. MSgt 2001 One of Doyle Larsen's boys; 10th,16th,88th, 90th;a terrific mentor,leader,NCO
FLYNN, Robt Martin "Marty" TSgt 2001 AIA, JTF-FA linguist, "Dogger" downed in Vietnam
FOLK, Joseph R. MSgt 1996 OPSEC Program analyst; as military & Civ
FONTANA, Theodore "Ted" MSgt 198? SS ACRP,202xx,asgd Zweibrucken, Ger; Chicksands Eng, Offutt AFB
FORD, Steve SMSgt 2000 SS Ol'Timer, long time Skivvy Niner
FORDICE, James "Jim" Unk 2000 SS Ol'Timer; Xfrd from ASA to AFSS w/original 2nd RSM 1949
FOX, Joseph W.. GS 1994 AFSCC; 20-yrs military; 14 yrs Security Depot, SATx
FRANDSEN, Richard L. Unk 2000 Served with 2nd RSM
FREEMAN, Thomas W. Maj 1986 Expertise not known
FREITAG, Daniel H. TSgt 1992 SS communicator in Germany, Crete, Japan; SSO at Adana, retired '73
FRENCH, Russell L. Col 1996 SS Ol'Timer; Cmdr COMSEC
FRISCHMUTH, Patricia "Pat" GS 1998 SS Ol'Timer from 1950, maiden name Twitchell, Cmd Hq, SSFCU 1st female Chair
GABLE, George D. Unk 1997 Maintenance Technician
GAINES, Ralph Maurice SMSgt 1999 SS Ol'Timer; WWII USN; SS Ops from '51; Mason Somerset Lodge
GALIN, Ronald B. "Ron" LCol 1993 SS Ol'Timer; Cmd Staff; Dir San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo; 32° Mason&Shriner
GAMBELL, Robert A. "Bob" LCol 1986 SS Ol'timer; Admin Off, Cmd Hq, Japan, Turkey; Ret 1966
GAMMELL, Robert "Dean" LCol 1998 AFSS Ol'timer, worked Cmd Hq, NSA, DIA, CIA
GARBERSON, John R. "Mr G" LCol 1998 Engineer, SS Ol'timer, Cmd Hq, NSA, Turkey (Sam & Trab); Masonic Lodge, FTVA
GARDNER, Kenneth A. "Kenny" SMSgt 1995 A203-2/-4 linguist flew a 'million' hours. AKA 'KGB' (Kenny Gardner Baby!)
GARDNER, Patrick E. CMSgt 1987 Unk
GARRIGAN, Richard D. Unk 197? SS OlTimer, ACRP, Russ Ling @ Rhein-Main 1950's;later commissioned.
GARVEY, Joseph P. Col 2000 SS Ol'Timer, WWII Vet; Served: AFSS, NSA, DIA,; Europe, Mid East; avid golfer
GEWIN, Louis H. Unk 1989 Expertise not known
GIBSON, Fred MSgt 1995 SS Ol'timer, 202XX School 1956 at KAFB
GIESE, Carl Col 1985 Unk
GLASS, William E. LCol 1996 Computer Expert; SS in 50's; WWII Navigator & German X-POW
GOERDER, Robert L. "Bob" Col 2000 Units Cmdr, Cmd Hq Staff, Cmdr SS unit Peshawar, Pakistan, et al
GOINS, Edmond MSgt 2000 SS Ol'Timer; well known for Basketball prowess; Cmd Hq; Italy; et al
GONITZKE, Gino MSgt 1984 202XX, 6989th & AFSCC among others; Joan's husband
GONITZKE, Joan Marie GS 1995 SS 37-year ol'timer AFSCC & Cmd Staff vet
GOODLETT, John R. Col 1993 Cmd Comptroller
GOODPASTER, Gordon GS 19?? Cmd Hq Staff
GORBY, Robert D. SSgt 19?? SS ACRP; Linguist at Rhein-Main in early 60's
GORMAN, Richard "Dick" GS 1997 SS Ol'Timer, fluent in 6-language; AFSCC Staff for years
GOTT, Rodney H. SSgt 1969 ARDF opr killed in Pleiku-based EC-47 shot down over Vietnam
GOZNELL, George GS 1999 SS Ol'Timer and Legendary in language Intel Tech Training, especially notable at Goodfellow
GRAF, Calvin "Cal" GS 1989 Cmd Staff Engineer
GRAGG, T.J. Col 19?? Cmdr 6952 SG
GRANT, Billy "Mudcat" MSgt 1990 Russian linguist & AMS @ Kadena, Omaha. Bremerhaven; Cancer.
GRAYSON, Jimmy D MSgt 1993 202X0; SS Ol'Timer, served in Germany, Turkey, Vietnam, et al
GREEN, Orlen CMSgt 1996 Opns; SS Ol'Timer, retired in 70's
GREEN, Sylvia "Sally" Unk 1994 WWII NavyVet decorated by Admiral Zumwalt in Pacific theater
GREGORY, Harold J. Unk 1987 Unk
GRIFFITH JR, Ray A. SMSgt 2001 Worked in data automation at the headquarters
GRIZZELL, Billy J. CMSgt 2000 SS Ol'Timer from 50's; Tech Support, Brooks AFB, Cmd Hq, ESR, PSR, et al
GRONDINE, Clenford P. MSgt 1994 Specialty not known
GROVES, Robert "Lefty" CMSgt 1989 SS Ol'timer, 202XX, duty primarily Cmd Hq & Pacific area
GRUNDY, Tommy W. LCol 1991 Operations Officer
GUERRERO, Reynaldo A1C 1985 Background not known
GUILFOYLE, Frank LCol 1993 Specialty unknown
HADOVSKY, Frank D. Unk 1996 Unk
HAGER, Dennis J. "Zero" Unk 19?? SS ACRP Linguist in 60's
HAGER, Lloyd L. MSgt 1996 SS operations Ol'Timer; 32° Scottish Rite Mason
HAGER, Michael R. SSgt 1987 202 assgnd 6922nd (Philippines) until death there.
HAINES, Milton D. CMSgt 1993 Communicator; SS Ol'Timer 18-yrs; Master Mason Helotes #1429; son is BGen
HAIRE, Horace E "Red" SMSgt 1999 SS Ol'Timer,HoH mbr; AMS Extraordinaire VietNam thru Desert Storm, Mr Rivet Joint
HALL, Elmore L. SSgt 1969 ARDF opr killed in Phu Cat-based EC-47 shot down over Vietnam
HALL, Laurence W. "Bill" TSgt 2000 SS Ol'timer; Bremerhaven '55-58, "A" Trick, Morse Supv; xfrd fm SS due marriage
HALLBERG, Michael J. TSgt 1985 Background unknown
HALVERSON, Edward "Ed" CMSgt 1999 SS Ol'timer, Brooks AFB 292XX, WWII Rad Opr, AFSS 1951-'66; Cmd Hq, NSA, et al
HAMEL, Joe Maj Unk SACLO to SAWD 1961-63.
HAMMOCK, Bruce MSgt 1987 Unk Specialty
HAMPTON, James "Jim" MSgt 19?? 293X0, Hq AFSS, 6920 PSR, et al
HANCOCK, John E. SMSgt 1993 Unk
HAND, Rick MSgt 2000 SS Ol'timer, SIGINT Analyst ETO, PAC, Vietnam, Thailand, et al
HANDLEY, Arthur J.,III "John" AlC 1985 702 worked in Stan/Eval @ Offutt. Gunshot wound.
HANEY, Dennis M. CMSgt 2000 SS era, Turkey, Chicksands, Crete, et al; dedicated golfer
HANKS, Dale J. Col 1993 SS Ol'Timer; ops officer, WWII B-17 pilot England; Dep Cmdr EurSecRgn, Fkft
HANNA, Billy G. CMSgt 1993 SS Ol'Timer from 50's 8th RSM and many more
HANSELL, Robert L. MSgt 1995 SS Ol'Timer; WWII Vet, Cmd Staff, Crete, et al
HAPPLE, John E CMSgt 19?? 1950's Ol'Timer, Pacific area, AFSCC, et al
HARBERT, Doyle H. MSgt 2000 SS Ol'Timer, 304XX; Brooks AFB, Bremerhaven, US Dets, Cmd Hq, Korea, et al
HARDEN, Huber M. "Mac" Unk 1997 Ditty Bopper; ETO & PACAF areas
HARIPAR, George E. LCol 1999 WWII, SS in '64; SAC IO; SS unit cmdr: Danang, Bremerhaven, San Vito, Key West
HARMEYER, Lance A. LCol 1998 Chinese linguist; 30-yrs AF; HoH mbr; Brooks,Chicksands; Eielson; PACAF, AIA IG
HARRELL, Henry "Hank" CMSgt 2001 SS Ol'timer, 202xx,ETO, England,Cmd Hq, et al
HARRIS, Glenn M. Unk 1998 292XX, Turkey, Cmd Hq
HARRIS, Raymond J. Unk 2001 Worked at Misawa. Died at Yokota AB, Japan
HARRIS, Wesley V. LCol 1995 Ops Officer; SS Ol'Timer; WWII Vet Battle of the Bulge, NSA, DIA, et al
HATHAWAY, Robert "Bobby" SMSgt 1999 SS Ol'timer; 29290, Cmd Hq, Bremerhaven in '50's, et al
HAUGE, Peter CMSgt 1998 SS Ol'timer, Cmd Hq, Chicksands, Bentwaters, Berlin, Vietnam, et al
HAYES, Lloyd W. CMSgt 1999 SS era; need background
HAYNES, Roy R. Unk 199? SS Ol'Timer, Brooks, Bremerhaven ops; Cmd Hq, et al
HEATH, James "Jim" CMSgt 1996 Instr in SS NCO Academy 23-yrs; Goodfellow NCO Academy dedicated to him
HEFFERNAN, John T. CMSgt 1987 SS Ol'Timer; 202XX; AFSCC and many others
HEGLAND, Eugene E. LCol 2000 SS Ol'Timer; Intl Off; Japan,Okinawa,Pakistan,Greenland,Cmd Hq; NSA, et al
HEINRICHS, Walter Lee MSgt 2000 SS Ol'Timer; Russian/Polish linguist; owned Concho Rabbit Ranch, San Angelo,Tx
HELMER, Charles "Chuck" CMSgt 1996 Ops; SS fm '50 @ Brooks; Golfer on Cmd team
HENDERSON, Bruce D. LCol 1999 SS Ol'Timer, WWII bomber Nav, linguist, SS Shift Supv Rhein Main, much more
HENNING, Donald A. LCol 1984 Logistics; Military 10 yrs to MSgtt; Commissioned to LCol 20-yrs; retired LCol
HENRY, David W.,Jr Col 1985 Dep Comptroller, Cmd Staff
HENRY, James B. CMSgt 1985 Opns; SS Ol'Timer fm 1950 to retirement
HERMAN, John A. SMSgt 1985 Background not known
HERMES, Martha P. GS 1995 Specialty unknown
HESSLER, E. Rand MSgt 2000 SS Ol'Timer, Czech ling, 11˝-yrs in Germany; Czek instr 6940 TTG Goodfellow
HEWITT, Dorothy "Dottie" GS 1988 Cmd Admin to Opns Staff; twin sister Doris Civ at Lackland AFB
HIGGINSON, George M. Col 1992 Intel Off; DCS/P&P in 60's much more; much liked and respected
HILDENBRAND, Raymond J. SMSgt 1997 ACRP; expert in Alert Ctr
HILL, Donald "Don" A1C 1953 Linguist; killed in B-29 ACRP loss
HILL, Hiskell V. Capt 1988 ACRP; Russian linguist @ Rhein-Main; officer AMS; Chief Stan/Eval @ Hq ESC
HILL, Vernon CMSgt 1994 Unk background
HOBBS, C. Woodrow "Woody" CMSgt 1999 SS Ol'Timer,a master Manpower mgr; SS HoH; AFCM +3-clusters, MSM +cluster
HODAPP, Robert "Hodaddy" SMSgt 1996 Premier airborne 294/205 @ Kelly (Cmd Stan/Eval). "All-around good guy."
HOFFMAN, Allen G. Unk 1991 Background Unk
HOLDWORTH, Albert Unk 1992 Background Unk
HOLLENBECK, William, Jr "Bill" GS 1996 Analyst; SS Ol'Timer left military in 50's to Civ to retirement
HOLLIS, James L. Unk 1986 Specialty unknown
HOLLOWAY, Rufas H. Col 1997 Ops Off: Cmdr 6960SG;30-yrs svc WWII, Korea, Vietnam
HOOD, Robert N. LCol 1994 Personnel; Cmd Staff, PACAF: Thailand, Panama, et al
HOOKS, Joseph D. Unk 1992 SS Ol'Timer, 202XX, AFSCC, Turkey, et al
HORN, "Pappy" Unk 1992 Background unknown
HORN, Sergeant Rudolph 1/Lt 2000 SS Ol'Timer; 202XX analyst, Germany, Libya, Crete, Turkey; WWII Radio Opr
HORVATH, August A. Unk 1999 Hist/background not known
HOUGHTON, David "Dave" SMSgt 1985 29290 COMSEC; 1st Sgt 6922nd
HOUGHTON, Edwin G. Col 1997 SS Ol'Timer; DIR COMSEC Eng
HOWE, Helen M. GS 2000 Cmd Hq Admin Spec; retired to SATx public Sch Admin
HUBBARD, Floyd CMSgt 1999 SS O'Timer; Logistics, Cmd Hq EurSecRgn & Pakistan; Ret in NM
HUETHER, Donald E. "Hooter" TSgt 1999 202 spent many years at 6903 (Osan) winding up at AIA Hq
HUFFMAN, Edward C. LCol 1999 50's Ol'Timer; WWII & VietNam Vet; linguist, tours in Chicksands, SEA, Crete, et al
HULSEY, Steven C. MSgt 1984 Analyst @ Kadena, Msn Supv @ Berlin
HUMPHRIES, George Unk 1992 Background not known
HUNNEYCUTT, Tyler B. Col 1994 Ops Off, Cmdr 6986th & 6989th RSM's late 50's/60's
HUNT, Glenn SMSgt 1994 Personnel; Cmd Staff, Chicksands et al
HURD, Lee R. CMSgt 1989 SS Ol'Timer; ETO primarily
HUTCHINS, Gary B. CMSgt 1995 ADSO & product reporting expert in PhilippinesI, Italy, Japan, Vietnam, NSA
JACKSON, Billy SMSgt 1990 29290; energetic, outgoing, well liked SS Ol'Timer
JAMES, Edward F. MSgt 1984 Background not known
JARRELL, Charles MSgt/GS 1999 SS Ol'Timer; COMSEC equip Tech Svc Specialist; Hawaii, England, Pakistan, AFCD Civ
JAWS, Edward F. MSgt 1984 Background Unk; believed to have been in ACRP Prog.
JEFFORDS, Clifford C. GS 1998 SS Ol'Timer in CMD Engineering Lab for many years
JELLERSON, Joseph MSgt 1984 SS Ol'Timer from early 50's,Communicator, Cmd Hq early 60's
JETER, Harry TSgt 1987 Specialty unknown
JEWETT, John H. LCol 1984 Ops Off; SS Ol'Timer
JOHN, Ernest Falcon BGen 2001 Vice CC of USAFSS (1969-70 period). B-24 pilot WWII
JOHNS, William J. "Judd" CMSgt 1998 Logistics Specialist 26-yr AF career; 16-yr Postal Svc career
JOHNSON, Larry LCol 1999 SS '50's Ol'Timer; Cmd Hq Staff, Darmstadt, Landsberg, et al
JOHNSON, Lee H. MSgt 1997 Cripto
JOHNSON, Leonard W., Jr. Col 1987 Background not known
JOHNSON, Raymond D. SSgt 1956 SS ACRP Russ Linguist @Yukota; lost on RB-50mission 10-9-56
JONES, George P. SSgt 1986 Specialty not known
JONES, McLeland Unk 1991 Unk
JONES, Robert J. MSgt 1975 SS Ol'Timer; A29271; Opr on 1st SS ACRP RB-29-44-62290 in '52
JONES, Sheryl Ann Sgt 1986 Specialty not known
JOUFFRAY, Octavius LCol 1999 WWII Vet; Elec Engineer 9-yrs w/SS; member of ELKS, KOC, Daedalians
JUNG, Robert C. SMSgt 2000 SS era to gifted linguist to '82 then State Dept, Germany, Turkey, Austria et al
KAGOL, Stewart "Stu" Unk 2000 Opns, served Danang; married SEA girl; wife and 3-children survived him.
KAMPS, Harold T A2C 1958 Killed Sep 2, '58 in shoot down ACRP C130 #60528
KATTNER, Wesley J SMSgt 2000 SS Ol'Timer, 30170 in ETO & SEA; WWII gunner w/42 msns on B17 & B29's ETO
KAUFMAN, Leo J. Col 19?? SS Ol"Timer, Communicator, Cmdr Shemya, Hq Eur Sec Rgn, Fkft, Cmd Hq, et al
KEARNEY, Denis B. MSgt 2001 SS/NSA Crypie; Brooks, Kelly, Arl Hall, Ft. Meade; Recruiter/Loadmaster, Travis, Hill
KEARSLEY, Donald E. CWO 2000 SS Ol'timer, WWII Rad Opr B29's; SAC to AFSS Bremerhaven, San Vito, Cmd Hq
KEELING, Richard H Unk 199? SS Ol'Timer, 292XX(?), Brooks AFB, Bremerhaven, et al
KEENAN, Joseph Unk 1995 203XX; SS Ol'Timer
KELLEY, Varney CWO 1986 Unk
KELLEY, Vivian G. GS 1997 Admin/Sec AFCSC
KELLY, Clayton TSgt 1993 Background not known
KENT, Roy L. MSgt 1992 Ol'Timer, 202XX, 6989th, Crete, et al
KILLGORE, James A. Maj 1996 Chief of supply Goodfellow AFB
KILPATRICK, Terry L. MSgt 1999 205 Signals at 6990 & Compass Call. Cancer at Buckley Field, CO
KIMBRELL, John Unk 1994 202XX Analyst; Kirknewton & others
KINDLER, Joseph Unk 2001 Assigned to 2nd RSM
KINDRED, Charles "Charlie" GS 197? SS Ol'Timer; Cmd Opns; P&P staff
KINNEY, James A1C 1998 SS Ol'Timer; ACRP Serbo-Croatian linguist @ Rhein-Main in late 50's
KINTER, Billy N. CMSgt 2001 USAFSS NCO/Year 1965 @ Misawa. PSR Ops 65-68. Staff NCOIC Comm Ctr
KISH, Stephen MSgt 1981 ACRP; AMT @ Rhein-Main in '60-70's;Eilsen in '80's; killed in COBRA BALL crash.
KISLING, Richard D. "Dick" CMSgt 1985 Personnel, CMSgt of the AF; into H of H 1986
KIZZIA, Ronnie L. TSgt 1985 Background not known
KLEIFGES, Thomas CMSgt 1998 Championed Comfy Olympics
KLEIN, Richard MSgt 1984 Specialty unknown
KNIGHT, Arthur C. Unk 1990 Operations
KNIPPA, Charles GS 19?? Ops Staff Planner
KNOWLTON, Byron A. CWO 1984 Personnel; SS Ol'Timer
KNOX, Josiah "Joe" CMSgt 1994 Premier Airborne Maint Chief
KOFKA, Stephen AlC 199? SS Ol'Timer, Brooks AFB, 6913thRSM, Bremerhaven, Ger
KOPP, Merle K. MSgt 199? SS Ol'Timer, Brooks, 6913th RSM, Bremerhave, et al
KORDICK, Emil J. MSgt 1986 Background unknown
KOZAK, John Unk 19?? SS Ol'Timer, one of lst Russ ling asgd Rhein Main AB, 1956;Maj Webster Cmdr.
KOZNOWSKI, John R. CMSgt 1999 SS Ol'Timer @ Brooks; then OSI spec duty; then SS again, etc
KRISKE, Herbert A. GS 1998 23-yrs Cmd Hq
KROCKER, Edward J. GS 1994 Opns; SS Ol'Timer; 6950th; WWII B-17 pilot; pro football Chicago Bears
KRULA, Carl J. Maj 19?? SS Ol'Timer, CC 136th CSS, Brooks AFB 1951-52
KUEBER, Stephen J. CWO 1997 SS from '50 @ Brooks AFB
KUHN.Robert G. SMSgt 2001 SS Ol'Timer fm Brooks Field, (data automation), ETO,Turkey, et al
KUNO, Ronald Sgt 2000 SS '50's Ol'Timer, SIGINT analyst, Landsberg, Ger '54-56, et al ETO, PAC, SEA...
KURABIESKI, Raymond J TSgt 1992 Russian linguist assgn Bremerhaven. Retired and became a lawyer in CA.
LAMBERT, Raymond E. Col 1998 SS Ol'timer, Cmdr 6910 SW,Darmstadt; Cmd Hq, Cmdr Taiwan, Dep Cmdr AFSCC
LAND, Charles D. A1C 1967 ARDF Opr; killeld in EC-47 shoot down in Nha Trang
LANG, Delmar C. "Del" LCol 1997 SS Ol'Timer; linguist; Capt in Korean War; NSAREP Thailand/Korea
LANGE, Melvin T. MSgt 1996 Opns; wife Civ in Airborne
LANGLOIS, Howard J. SMSgt 1996 Linguist; SS Ol'Timer from 50's; WWII Vet, German POW
LARGER, Bernard "Bernie" Col 1980 USAFSS Chief of Staff, European Scty Rgn CC, assigned to DIA, PACAF, SAC, ATC
LARSON, Edward J. Unk 1992 Background Unk
LAURER, Ronald C. Unk 2001 Unknown SS background
LEAHEY, Robert W. "Bull" MSgt 2000 SS Ol'Timer; Operations Viet Nam, Korea, et al
LEATHERS, Wesley "Wes" MSgt 1996 Cmd Staff; Bangkok, Taiwan, Okinawa, Goodfellow, et al
LEE, William "Bill" CMSgt 1998 SS 292XX Ol'timer, HQ, Scotland, England, Italy, Vietnam; Pres of English Golf Course
LEET, Jonathan LCol 2000 SS Ol'Timer, 6913th RSM Cmdr, Bremerhaven 1960, Crete, Cmd Hq, et al
LEETCH, William "Cricket" Sgt 2001 292 of Dawg Flight, 6922nd SW 68-69/Chicksand 69-71, died 1-01 car accident in CA
LEFTWICH, Raymond F. TSgt 1967 Ops;killed in EC-47 shoot down at Nha Trang
LEIFESTE, Harold E LCol 1997 COMSEC; SS Ol'Timer fm '50, Cmd Staff, 690lst, et al
LEMKE, Herbert M. LCol 1994 SS Ol'Timer from 50's, Communicator, Shemeya 1962/63
LEONARD, Owen J. "OJ" Unk 1991 Specialty Unk
LEWANDOWSKI, Ed GS 2001 RCA Tech Rep Chicksands 1960s
LEWIS, James A. Jr. CMSgt 2001 Personnel @ Korat, Thailand; Hawaii; Hq USAFSS (DP/DPX)
LEWIS, Millard MGen 1993 SS Cmdr '59-62, et al
LICHTHARDT, Orville G. Unk 199? SS Ol'Timer, Brooks AFB, 292XX, 6913th RSM,Bremerhaven, Ger, et al
LILLY, Arthur M. Col 1997 Opns; Cmdr 6922nd and much more
LINDSEY, Robert J. CMSgt 1998 Crypto & multi-lingual linguist; Belgrade, Moscow, DoD
LINDSEY, Roy L. SSgt 1969 Opr/ASRP @ Eielson; killed aboard RC135 RIVET AMBER lost in Bering Sea crash
LIVINGSTONE, David H. MSgt 2001 26 year 30470 assigned to France, Germany, DaNang Vietnam, Thailand, Crete.
LOPEZ, Elliot E. CMSgt 1995 ACRP Ol'Timer; great wit
LORD, Dick GS 1993 Cmd Hq Staff, NSOC Analyst @ 1958 C130 Shootdown; Dep Dir NSA
LORENSON, Gary Col 2000 Former RAVEN 343 SRS, Sqdn Cmdr Goodfellow AB, et al
LORREE, Ellis R. LCol 1995 Opns Off; rated Navigator; Cmd P&P,PACAF et al
LUNDQUIST, Darrel W. Col 1996 Great intellect, Cmd P&P; Dir AFOSI et al
LUTZ, Simon M. "SI" Col 1995 SS Ol"Timer '59-'66, DCS/Civ Engineering
LYNCH, John M. "Jack" CMSgt 1998 Opns; SS Ol'Timer;6913th RSM, Bremerhaven, Ger, ESR,NSA, et al
LYNN, Roy H. LGen 1992 1st SS Cmdr '48-49&'51-'53
LYNN, Roy W. GS 1992 Cmd Staff P&P; in HoH 1997
MAASSEN, Paul H. SMSgt 1997 29290; ETO Turkey, Taiwan; ARDF missions in VietNam
MACKLIN, Albert O. TSgt 198? Abrne & ground 207X1 in 60's/70's
MAGGIACOMO, Gerald C. A2C 1958 Lingust; killed Sep 2, '58 in shoot down of ACRP C130 #60528
MAHONEY, Eugene "Jeep" SMSgt 1993 Opns, SS Ol'Timer from the 1950's
MALONE, Dennis E. "Denny" MSgt 1998 Admin; Cmd Hq Staff, Japan, Okinawa
MALONE, John J. CMSgt 1997 Opns; SS O'Timer
MANKINS, Clement O. A2C 1958 Linguist; killed Sep 2, 1958 is shoot down of ACRP C130 #60528
MANNING, Bruce "Archie" Unk 1998 202XX and 202XX instr at Goodfellow AFB
MANNING, Michael GS 1993 Specialty Unk; 35-yr Vet mostly Cmd Hq Staff and Goodfellow
MARCO, Jerry A2C 1964 Frankfort. Auto accident in Frankfort.
MARQUIS, Don SMSgt 1998 TEBO @ San Vito, HQs, et al.
MARSHALL, Felix M. LCol 1989 Background Unk, Life member of FTVA
MARTIN, Hugh L. "Marty" SMSgt 1998 SS Ol'Timer; linguist; Allstate Insurance Agt then GS-Civ after retirement
MARTIN, John R "Jack" SMSgt 1999 SS Ol'timer; ACRP "Wire Bender" Rhein-Main, Yokota, 15,000 flying hours, et al
MASLING, Stephen CMSgt 1999 SS Ol'timer who was a WWII Vet; tours Turkey, Phillipines, Cmd Hq, et al
MASON, George I., Jr Col 1997 SS Ol'Timer, headed SS efforts in Korea in '52/'53; HoH member 1984
MATECKO, George Col 1996 Russian Linguist; WWII B-24 pilot; Piloted AF-1 and Kremlin 1; Retired as DI-AFSS
MATEJOV, Joseph A. Sgt 1973 ARDF opr killed in EC-47 "BORON-52" shoot down over Laos
MATHENY, Leon "Matt" CWO 198? A SS founder fm ASA; Premier Morse Code Opr (54-WPM send & receive); Brooks, et al
MAXWELL, Barry S. AlC 1956 SS Ol'Timer; ACRP Ling @Yokota AB;lost on ACRP msn: 9-10-56.
MAY, William G. Col 1984 Background not known
MAZZERELLI, Victor "Vic" SSgt 1966 202XX analyst, 6901st, killed in auto accident
McBAY, H.C. SSgt 1999 SS Ol'Timer from 50's; linguist; discharged fm AFSS in 1957
McCALL, Hugh E. Col/GS 2001 WWII POW. Cdr @ Samsun, Berlin. Chief DCS Manpower/Organization & Materiel
McCANN, Ronald P. "Ron" TSgt 2000 served at Trabzon, Offutt, Rhein Main, Offutt & retired 1972
McCARTHY, Fred M. Unk 1993 Specialty not known
McCLAY, David A. MSgt 1987 Specialty not known
McCLAY, Imogene GS 1995 Admin and /Sec. ; SS Ol'Timer
McCLIMANS, F.A.R. Maj 1993 SS Ops; rated multi-engine; was ops officer & AFSSO
McCLOUD, Lewis S. MSgt 2000 Operations; specific specialty unknown; 23 year career
McELROY, Russell J. "Russ" Lcol 1989 Ops Off @ R/M early 60s, AKA 'Great Growly One'
McINTYRE, Keith GS 1997 Graphic Arts; 25-yr SS Vet; internationally recognized artist
McKAY, Dean Unk 1998 SS Ol'Timer from 50's; Brooks AFB & 2nd RSM Darmstadt, Ger
McKISSICK, George F. Unk 1992 Background Unk
McNEIL, Clarence L. A1C 1969 ARDF opr killed in Pleiku-based EC-47 shot down over Vietnam
McQUAID, Frank H. Unk 1990 Unknown Background
McSHANE, Joseph Unk 1988 Unknown Background
MEADE, Patrick MSgt 1994 SS Ol'Timer, 202XX, 6989th, AFSCC, et al
MEDEIROS, Gerald H. A2C 1958 Ling, killed Sep 2, 1958 ACRP C130 shoot-down
MEDELLIN, Jesse M. GS 1997 Art Illustraitor; SS Ol'Timer, WWII Flying Tigers, India, Burma
MEDLIN, Arthur "Buck" MSgt/GS 1998 SS Ol'Timer, Russ/Hungarian linguist asgd var o/s locs & NSA; also ret as DoD Civ
MEHL, Fred MSgt 1999 Airborne Russian linguist @ Mildenhall, Rhein Main early 70s
MEIER, Frederick C. "Fritz" CMSgt/GS 1999 SS Ol'Timer, 29290,Bremerhaven, PSR, Cmd Hq, Civ Hq PACAF
MELLO, Arthur L. TSgt 1958 NCOIC;killed Sep 2, 1958 C130 shoot down
MELLOTT, Lester R., Jr "Les" Col 1998 SS Ol'timer; AFSS DO, CS, CV; Wing Cmdr Misawa, et al
MELTON, Todd M. SSgt 1973 ARDF operator killed in EC-47 "BORON-52" shot down over Laos
MERILL, James I. "Jim" TSgt 2000 SS Ol'Timer, authored book abt 2nd RSM, "Heroes and Other Enlisted Men".
MERRILL, Harvey P. "Harv" MSgt 1988 SS linguist/ACRP @ Kadena, Cmd Hq; et al. Heart attack.
MICHAEL, Paul Unk 1988 SS Ol'Timer, very early member 2nd RSM, Darmstadt, Ger.
MILLER, Billy G. MSgt 2000 SS Ol'Timer fm 50's, Brooks AFB, Shemya, Turkey, Alaska, Thailand, NSA, et al
MILLER, Carol W. CMSgt 1995 Opns; SS Ol'Timer; died in Lampong, Thailand
MILLER, John W. CMSgt 2000 SS Ol'Timer, 202XX analyst/exploitation Europe, Cmd Hq, AFSCC, et al
MILLER, Kyle D. MSgt/GS 1996 SS in '50's; ESR, AFSCC, NSA
MILLER, Richard SSgt 1956 SS A203x1 Yokata AB;killed on TDY @ Baltimore on Burning Pipe platform tests..
MILLER, Rush F. A1C 2000 SS Ol'Timer ; 292XX, Brooks; 41st RSM, Bremerhaven, Ger. 1953-56, "Dog Trick"
MILLER, Thermon MSgt 1998 SS Ol'Timer; 1st Sgt; 6901st, Zweibruken, Ger, et al
MILLER, William F. "Bill" SMSgt 1997 202XX; AFSCC, Japan, Okinawa, Shimea, NSA
MILLICAN, Willie SMSgt 1994 Background not known
MILLS, Gary MSgt 1996 Opns; Cmd Hq, Mildenhall in mid 70's
MIMS, Sam CMSgt 1990 HoH inductee 1987
MITCHELL, Roger CMSgt/GS 1984 W201 @ Cheltenham & NSA
MITCHELL, Thomas MSgt 1993 Communicator; SEA, Augsburg JOCC, Cmd Hq Staff
MOELLER, Arno "Flip" MSgt/GS 1995 Opns, Cmd Hq, Alaska, England; GS/Civ on Cmd Staff
MOLESTADT, Robert A. MSgt 1992 202XX Analyst PSR, Japan, Vietnam, Phillipines, et al
MONTGOMERY, Orville R. AlC 19?? SS Ol'Timer, Brooks AFB, Bremerhaven, Ger, et al
MOORE, Howard M. LCol 1986 SS Ol'Timer in Operations
MOORE, Louise Mead GS 1994 SS Ol'Timer from 50's; Cmd Hq Operations Staff/P&P
MOORE, Robert H. A2C 1958 Linguist killed in Sep 2, 1958 shoot down of C130, # 60528
MORA, Adolph "Moe" MSgt 1997 Admin/Pers; Cmd Hq Staff, 6900th SW, PSR, 32° Mason,Shriner, FTVA, et al
MORA, Harry J. A1C 1985 Background not known
MORENCY, Joseph Leo, Jr GS 2000 Operations Sp from Korean conflict forward to retirement
MORGAN, James E. GS 1997 Analyst; SS Ol'Timer, 30-yrs in Cmd
MORRIS, Jack E. CMSgt 1999 SS Ops Ol'Timer & WWII Vet; Alaska,Shimya,Germany,Italy,Crete, et al
MORRIS, Patricia GS 1997 Admin/Sec; ret mil to Civ, FTVA
MOSER, Steven MSgt 2001 AIA; linguist; killed in Hanoi Det 2, helo crash, while on JTF-FA duty
MOTORI, LCol 19?? Cmd Hq Staff
MOUNT, Paul S. GS 1994 Opns; Cmd Hq, ESR & PSR areas
MOYER, Robert F "Bob" Unk 1991 Background Unk
MUDRAK, George MSgt 1999 SS Ol'Timer, 292XX/202XX/204XX, NSA, Vietnam, Taiwan, et al
MUNSON, Charles B. "CB" Col 19?? DCS/Opns in '50's; SS O'Timer
MUNSON, John H. CMSgt 1996 20590; into SS '63
MURATORI, Mario, Jr Maj 1994 Budget/Finance; Maj and worked as Civ
MURPHY, Daniel E. Jr TSgt 1998 SS Ol'Timer, 6913th RSM, Bremerhaven, Ger; Cmd Hq, et al
MURPHY, Emmett W. CMSgt 1990 Mr Admin; SS Ol'Timer; Cmd Hq Staff, PSR, et al
MURPHY, Eugene R Col 1987 Background unknown
MYOTT, Ronald W. “Roundman” MSgt 2000 Opns, Pacific, SEA, (details not known)
NALLY, Jim Col 198? Chicksands 1960s
NELSON, Allen R. SSgt 1996 Finance, SS Ol,'Timer, 2nd RSm in 1952-54
NEWELL, Tom Maj/GS 1999 AFSS/ESC/AIA, Hq, Sq Cmdr Chicksands, et al
NICELY, Charles R. "Charlie" MSgt 1989 Airborne 294/205 in Opns; Cmd Hq, ESR area; NSA, Eileson
NIEZAK, Nicholas "Nick" Col 2000 SS Ol'Timer, Opns Officer, Cmd Hq, Europe, SEA
NOFFSINGER, Lester P. MSgt 1995 1st Sgt 6921RGM 1959-61
NORTHCUTT, Thomas L. "Tiny" MSgt 1999 SS Ol'Timer (Help, need background)
NORTON, Fred I. Col 1986 Background not known
NORVELL, Robert T.,Jr Unk 1994 Opns; highly decorated, 30yrs svc w/AFSS et al
NOVOTNY, Louis SNCO/GS 1992 W201 @ NSA, WWII B-24 pilot
OBERDORF, Robert E. "Obie" CMSgt 1987 202XX; 30-yrs Svc; 13yrs SS in San Vito, Italy, Kelly, Alaska, et al
O'LEARY, Richard F,. CMSgt 1985 No background
OLIVER, Carl E. MSgt 1997 Russian linguist 'gunner' & AMS; died in Saudi Arabia
OLSON, Dwight B. "Olie" GS 1996 Engineer; HAM operator, worked on DEW
OLSON, Harry A. Col 2001 SS Ol'timer,WWII vet, AFSS Cmd Comptroller,Pres AFSS CU,Mason,Shriner,et al
OSHINSKIE, Robert J. A1C 1958 Linguist, killed in Sep 2, 1958 ACRP C130 shoot down
OTTO, Patsy L. GS 1997 Data Proc Analyst; SS Ol'Timer
OVERBAY, James "Jim" MSgt 1984 Admin; Cmd Hq and other
OWENS, Carl V. Jr. GS 2001 Hq USAFSS Technical Director
OYE, Orville C. LCol 1989 COMSEC; SS O'Timer; Eur Sec Rgn, 6913th RSM, avid bowler
PACKER, Kenneth B. LCol 1984 Background unk
PANTER, William H. CMSgt 1984 Background unk
PARNES, Norman T. CMSgt 2000 SS Ol'Timer; Admin/Personnel Cmd Hq, PACAF, England, Europe,Scotland; DIA et
PARR, George E. Col/GS 1983 Communicator; was the first SS liaison @ Hq AF
PARR, Ralph SMSgt 2000 SS Ol'Timer (Need background)
PARRISH, Ernest TSgt 1995 Area specialist @ Eielson; killed in E3A AWACS acc at Elmendorf AFB, Alaska
PARSONS, Harry L. III SSgt 1981 Opr/ASRP @ Eielson; killed in RC135 COBRA BALL acc @ Shemya
PATTERSON, Gerald D. Unk 1997 Airborne 292/207 @ Yokota early 60s.
PATTERSON, Joe C. "Joe Pat" GS 2001 Airborne Division, DCS Engineering, Hq USAFSS (EC-47, et al.)
PAXTON, James "Jim" LCol 1996 COMSEC Opns, was Dir COMSEC Opns when retired
PAYNE, Robert Henry "Hank" Unk 1999 SS Ol'Timer; Cmd Hq, 6910 RGM, et al
PEACHER, Don C. SMSgt 2001 AFSS 1960-68, Cryptographer, AFSCC, Bremerhaven, Ger & Japan
PETERSON, Morton B. Unk 1992 Background not known
PETRIE, James E. "Jim" MSgt 1998 SS Ol'timer Chinese linguist from 1959, retired and resided in Taipei, Taiwan
PETROCHILOS, George P. MSgt 1958 Linguist; killed in Sep 2, 1958 shoot down of ACRP C130,
PFEIFFER, Larry "Chuck" Col 1994 Cmd Hq Staff Off
PFLUEGER, Walter W. Maj 1996 No background
PHINNEY, Bruce W A1C 2001 Yale '62 and 4 years at Linkou
PITTMAN, Patrick S. Sgt 1985 Background not known
PITTMAN, William D. GS 1996 Was one of the founding Directors of SSFCU
PLEDGE, John Maj 1992 Cmd Staff; little background known
POPE, William "Willie" MSgt 1999 SS Ol'Timer fm WWII Rad Opr early Shift (Msn) Supv at 2nd RSM, Darmstadt, Ger
POPLAWSKI, Ron LCol 1993 Ops Off; Nav on SS Cmd AC
PORTER, Joe B. GS 1993 Ops Tech Adv Cmd Hq Staff; Navigator Cmd Flight Section
PORTER, Terry D. MSgt 1997 SS ACRP Linguist @ Rhein-Main in late "60's; ended career @ NSA
POWERS, Kenneth H. Col 1991 Dep CC Kadena, CC Wakkanai & Ft Meade
PRESSLEY, Henry E. Jr. "Chat" GS 2001 SS OlTimer fm 50's; Cmd Policy adviser to Plans&Prog.
PRICE, Leroy SSgt 1958 Flt Engineer, ACRP, lost in 9-2-58 C130 shoot down of C130 out of USASFE/SS 7406th
PRICHARD, Anna M. GS 1997 Crypto; SS Ol'Timer fm '50
PRYSZMONT, Edward S. AlC 197? SS Ol'Timer, Brooks AFB, 6913th RSM, Bremerhaven, Ger.
QUIGGLE, James F. LCol 1985 Background not known
QUINTANILLA, Hector LCol 1998 Intl Off in SS; Physicist fm St Mary's Univ; WWII vet in Pacific area
RAABE, John C. MSgt 1992 SS Ol'Timer w/21-yrs in SS; Cmd Staff, Shemya,Bremerhaven, Germany, Italy
RABOZZI, Robert J. MSgt 1998 Background not known
RADLEIN, Earl W. Jr. A2C 1956 SS linguist/flyer; killed in RB-50 shot down Soviets in Sea of Japan
RADZIMINSKI, Anthony "Ratso" SMSgt 2001 Russian linguist @ Wakkanai, Berlin, Hof, Hq ESC
RAGAN, Marvin L. MSgt 1997 Specialty not known
RAGSDALE, Melvin MSgt 1999 SS era, 202XX, Alaska, et al
RAKESTRAW, Barney G. Unk 195? SS ACRP linguist @ Rhein-Main '57-60
RAMSEY, Stanford L. MSgt 2000 SS Ol'Timer Airborne Maint Tech, AFSC A32873
RAMSEY, Winfred SMSgt 1997 SS Ol'Timer Tripoli, Clark AB, Phil, AFSCC, Cmd Hq, Masawa, Cudje Key, Fla.
RANDERSON, John T. MGen 2001 OIC CE/Comm @ 6913/Bremerhaven 60-63; SAC StratCommDiv/CC; Ret Aug 82
RANKIN, Robert H. Unk 19?? SS Ol'Timer, 292XX, Brooks AFB, 6913 RSM, Bremerhaven, Ger, e al
RANSOM, Russell "Russ" SMSgt 1993 NCOIC SAWD-2. Heart attack in San Antonio.
RAST, James "Jack" GS 1998 Data Automation; SS Ol'Timer
RATLIFF, Edward K. MSgt 199? SS Ol'Timer, Brooks AFB, 6913th RSM, Bremerhaven, Ger, et al
REARICK, Oscar I. CMSgt 1999 SS Ol'Timer, a real Dittie-Bopper, Hq Cmd Staff, et al
REDMON, Patrick "PJ" Unk 1992 Unk background
REED, Donald A. Col 1995 Cmdr 6912, 25th, 90th, Cmd HQ & NSA
REEDER, Horace G. Col 19?? Cmd Hq Opns P&P Staff
REESE, Daniel C. A1C 1967 ARDF opr; killed in EC-47 shoot down at Nha Trang
REID, Roland MSgt 199? SS Ol'Timer, 292XX, 6913th RSM, Bremerhaven, Ger, et al
REISKIS, Anthony P. "Tony" CMSgt 1978 Linguist; SS Ol'Timer; 203XX, 6913th RSM, Bremerhaven, Ger, HoH '84
RESATAR, John CMSgt 19?? SS Ol'Timer, 29290, in 6989th, 6924th, et al
RICHARDSON, Thomas "Tom" LCol 2000 SS Ol'Timer, Navigator RC135's out of Eilon; Cmdr 6988 @ Yokota, et al
RIDER, James Unk 1998 SS Ol'Timer; 6910 SG, Landsberg Ger in late 1950's
RIDINGS, Roger W. CWO 2001 SS Ol'Timer, specialty & tenure with AFSS unk
RIEDMILLER, Donald H. ??? 1996 SS Ol'Timer; 29271/20270 @ Darmstadt in '56; helped start/flew ACRP Rhein-Main in '56
ROBERTS, Jacqueline E. TSgt 1993 208 assigned Misawa, Hahn, Ft Meade, ESC/IN
ROBERTS, James C.,IV Maj 1999 SS Ol'Timer , Electronic Eng, of Environmental Science, Hq SS and WWII vet in Pacific
ROBERTS, Jewell A. Capt 2000 SS Ol'Timer; Bremerhaven Opns; Greenland, et al; was WWII Vet
ROGERS, Albert "Buck" Col 1996 SS Ol'Timer, HoH member
ROMINIECKI, Lucian SSgt 1969 Opr ASRP @ Eilsen; killed aboard RC135 RIVET AMBER;Bering Sea crash.
ROSS, John W. GS 1996 SS Ol'Timer; AFSCC Analyst
ROUCH, Robert D. GS 1986 Background unk
RUSSELL, Duane E. II Col 1998 Son of SS Ol'Timer, Col Duane E. Russell "DER"
RUSSELL, Jay G CMSgt 199? SS Ol'Timer, 6913RSM, Bremerhaven, Ger, et al
RUTTER, Douglas TSgt 2001 Radio maintenance
RYAN, George P. MSgt 1993 SS Ol'Timer; analyst training received March AFB, Cal in '57
RYAN, John V. Jr MSgt 1986 Background unk
RYAN, Thomas "Tom" SMSgt 1996 Background unk
RYDER, James Unk 1998 SS Ol'timer from 1950's; 12th RSM Landsberg, Ger; 6910 RGM; et al
RYON, John W. MSgt 1972 ARDF opr; killed in EC-47 crash near Nakhon Phanom RTAFB, Thailand
SABO, John, Jr Unk 1990 No background
SACK, John Unk 1988 Unk
SALES, Charles T. "Tom" SMSgt 1999 SS Ol'Timer, Dittie Bopper; Msn Supv, Controller, et al; Softball Pitcher!
SANDERSON, James "Sandy" Unk 1992 202 @ Misawa late 50s
SANDROCK, Edward TSgt 1985 Background unk
SANFORD, Lindsey J. Maj 1995 Personnel; CBPO's ESR, Cmd HQ
SANTANA, Louis MSgt 1999 Equip Maintenance
SANTORE, Nicholas F. "Nick" SMSgt 1993 Russian linguist; Ol'Timer, long-time SS ACRP duty
SAUNDERS, John G. CMSgt 1991 Russian linguist; SS Ol'Timer; ACRP Rhein-Main, Yokota, Cmd Hq, et al
SAYLOR, Henry S. Col 1997 Linguist; SS Ol'Timer; NATO Staff
SCHMIEDEBERG, Edward J. SMSgt 19?? SS Ol'Timer; 1st Sgt 6916th RM early 60's; NKP; Kadena
SCHNEIDER, Gail MSgt 1999 (Need background, help)
SCHOTT, Conrad R. CMSgt 1988 Ops, ACRP Expert, Desert Storm
SCHRODER, George H, Jr GS 1995 Crypto; Cmd Hq mostly
SCHULTZ, Marvin E. CMSgt 1994 Background not known
SCHWERING, Kenneth SSgt 2000 SS Ol'Timer, 1952-55 era, Brooks AFB, Darmstadt, et al
SCOTT, Charles A. CMSgt 1996 Unit mgr; 6910SG et al
SCOTT, John E. A1C 2000 SS Ol'Timer, Brooks Morse Intcpt; 41st/6913th RSM in early-mid 1950s.
SCOTT, Ledbetter E. Jr MSgt 1991 Russian linguist; Combat Apple et al
SEBERS, Frederick TSgt 1967 Killed in sniper attack at Tan Son Knut AB, Vietnam
SEITZ, Charles S. Unk 1989 No background
SETSER, Lester E. "Les" CMSgt 2000 SS Ol'Timer, COMINT Specialist, WWII thru Viet Nam, Cmd Hq, SEA, et al
SETTLEMYRE, Guy O. AlC 2000 SS Ol'Timer; 202XX analyst, 6913 RSM, Bremerhaven, Germany in early yrs.
SETZER, Dennis MSgt 1979 294 w/6937th Comm Gp, Peshawar, Pakistan (1963)
SHAEFFER, Richard B. SMSgt 2000 25 year vet
SHAVER, Charles D. CMSgt 1997 Into SS 1950; retired '69; became claim mgr USAA
SHEAN, John P. Col 1997 Intercept Officer Fm Army Security Agency into SS 1950; Cmdr 12th RSM, Landsberg
SHEPARD, Charles W. Col 1985 SS Ol'Timer from 50's,Ops Officer 1st RSM, Cmd Hq Staff, et al
SHEPARD, Robert G. MSgt 19?? SS Ol'Timer, 6913th RSM, Bremerhaven, Ger; et al
SHERBURN, Hugh L. TSgt 1969 ARDF opr killed in Pleiku-based EC-47 shot down over Vietnam
SHIMEK, Eugene L. CMSgt 1996 Admin; 28-yrs SS; Cmd Staff
SHIPMAN, Gerald D. GS 1996 SS Ol'Timer, 202XX, AFSCC, et al
SHORT, Thomas E. LCol 1998 SS Ol'timer 12-yrs; flew RB-50's out of Yokota in '50's;commissioned 1-Lt in Armyet al
SICHENZIA, Anthony "Tony" SMSgt 2001 Abrn 292/207 @ Chix, Nha Trang, Offutt, Air Staff, Cmd Stan/Eval.
SIEFRING, William J. "Bill" SMSgt 1999 SS Ol'Timer, Russian Linguist Athens, Alaska, England, NSA, et al,
SILVIS, James "Jim" MSgt 1999 SS Ol'Timer; Ops in PSR, ETO, Vietnam, Alaska, Cmd Hq, et al
SIMERLY, Gary J. TSgt 1990 292X1, 6989th RSM, et al
SIMMS, James Eugene TSgt 1995 Comm; SS Ol'Timer; duty Taiwan, Vietnam,, Saudi Arabia w/Bendix Corp
SIMMS, Scott GS 1985 Background not available
SIMONS, Raymond R. Unk 1995 Officer Club mgr Masawa, etc...
SIMPSON, John E. 1Lt 1958 ACRP C130 Co-Pilot, USAFE/SS 7406th ACRP, killed in shoot down Sep 2-58
SIMS, Arthur E. A1C 2000 SS Ol'Timer; Brooks AFB MM trng; 6913 RSM, Bremerhaven, Ger, in mid 50's
SINTON, Grant "Bill" MSgt 1993 SS Ol'Timer; Cmd Hq, ETO, PSR
SKELTON, Thomas W. CMSgt 2001 Served SS into AIA era, Tom served several OS locations in the CMD
SLATER, Charles E III SSgt 2000 SS Ol'Timer, Operations 6913th RSM Bremerhaven in early 1950's
SLOAN, Leo J. AlC 1956 SS ACRP Linguist @ Yokata; lost on RB-50 msn Sep10-56
SLOTHOWER, Virgil D. SMSgt 1998 Long-time, Physical Security Specialist
SMITH, Conrad H. Unk 1990 Unk details
SMITH, Curtiss MSgt 1984 No background
SMITH, Darrel MSgt 2001 Military intell officer various tours incl 2 in Vietnam
SMITH, Forbie Unk 2000 SS Ol'Timer, Morse Intcpt Opr, COMSEC specialist, Brooks, Bremerhaven, et al
SMITH, Fred T. Maj 1985 USAFSS program engineering for ACRP RB-29/RB-50/RC-130/early RC-135
SMITH, Marion H. Unk 1991 Unk background
SMITH, Paul Col 19?? 6940th; 6952nd
SMITH, Ralph H. Unk 1989 No background
SMITH, Roland L. CMSgt 1997 Opns; Cmd Hq, SEA, PSR
SMITH, Thomas K. "TK" CMSgt 1995 SS Ol'Timer; 20799
SMITH, William H. SMSgt 1996 No background
SMITHERS, Carroll A1C 2000 SS OL'Timer; 292XX, Brooks AFB, 6913th RSM Bremerhave, Ger, et al
SNAPKA, George GS 1985 SS Ol'Timer; Cmd Staff
SPICKLER, DeWayne "Spick" CWO 2000 SS Ol'Timer; US Navy xfrd to AFSS as Comm Spec; Brooks, & 6913th RSM, et al
SPIEGEL, Ray SMSgt 1990 SS Ol'Timer, 202XX 6989th, et al
SPOONER, Julius L. "Jack" LCol 1998 SS '56-'65; Cmdr 6937, 6913th, 6970th ,et al
STAATS, Rick CMSgt 2000 SS Ol'Timer; mostly ACRP operations; retired to Lockheed-Martin in England
STACEY, John E. Maj 1998 Bldg 2000 Security Prov Marshall,Shriner,Mason; father of LCol Darby Stacey-Reynolds
STAPELTON, Carl W. MGen 1989 SS Cmdr '69-'73; SS HoH
STARKWEATHER, Charles W. CMSgt 1992 29290 in SS fm '50 at Brooks AFB as instructor
STEEL, Robert D. Unk 1993 Background unknown
STEELE, John E. MSgt 1985 SS Ol'Timer, 702XX Admin, 3rd RSM & Adak in '53, et al
STEELE, William "Pop" MSgt/GS 19?? ACRP Rhein-Main in early 60's; Civ @ NSA retiring mid 80's
STEELNACK, Elmer H.,Jr Col 19?? SS Ol'Timer; Cmd Staff
STEEN, Richard J., Jr SSgt 1969 AMT/ASRP; @ Eielson; killed aboard RC135 RIVET AMBER lost in Bearing Sea crash
STENBERG, Nada GS 1999 Ol'Timer, AFSS,ESC,AFIC,AIA; helped organize FTVA; a true secretary's secretary
STEVENS, Guy L. SMSgt 1994 SS Ol'Timer; 32° Mason
STEVENS, Lawrence G. CMSgt 1995 Opns, SS Ol'Timer
STEVER, William R. SMSgt 1986 A328X3 AMT in several ASRP/DSCP units, including Yokota, Rhein-Main, Offutt, NKI, et al
STEWARD, Ira H. CWO 1997 SS thru 60's & 70's
STIGLICH, Michael L. Sgt 1969 ARDF operator killed in Phu Cat-based EC-47 shot down over Vietnam
STILLWELL, Albert J. Unk 2000 SS Ol'Timer, Brooks AFB 20230 Sch then to 41stRSM, Bremerhaven, Ger
STINEBAUGH, Garry E. MSgt 1999 SS ACRP; Romanian lingujist @ Rhein-Main late 50's/early 60's
STINNETT, James O. "Jim" Col 1990 Ops Off; SS fm 50's from Sqdn to Hq USAF
STINSON, Clyde O. GS 1984 SS fm '50; premier applied, "Black Box" engineer
STIVERSON, Stephen J. "Slats" TSgt 1999 SS/ESC era, Russian/Vietnamese linguist
STOGNER, Homer G.,Jr MSgt 1995 Linguist; Germany, Turkey, Thailand, Okinawa, Vietnam; ret 1976
StPIERRE, Andrew A. SSgt 1997 Opns, SS Ol'Timer, Chicksands, Taiwan, Cmd Hq, et al
STRAUSE, Donald Unk 1988 Background unknown
STRINGER, Cyril C. "Cy" LCol 1991 6940th
STROOT, Robert C. LCol 1996 Opns,Russ Linguist, SS fm '50, Moscow Attache Staff in Cold War days
STRUMPLER, Martin "Marty" SSgt 1969 Airborne analyst @ Omaha, Rhein Main, Yokota
STYERS, Robert D. MSgt 2001 SS Ol'Timer; 28-yrs in Cmd, 207X2, Scotland,Germany,Italy,Turkey, et al
SUMNER, Royce Joseph SMSgt 1997 Combat SEA; much decorated in Korean conflict
SUNDERMAN, Lyle B. Unk 2000 Was in Opns 6913thRSM,Bremerhaven,Ger; other info unknown.
SURFACE, , Jerry SSgt 1972 SS ACRP Bul/Russ Ling/gunner @ Rhein Main;Athens, Offutt; Pul-Aneurism
SWAIM, Thomas S. Col 1999 SS Ol'Timer, WWII Flying Tiger, credited with 50's/60's COMINT/ELINT sys dev
SWAN, Curtis E. "Curt" LCol 2001 SS Ol'Timer fm 50's, 6900 SW, Brooks, Cmd Hq PP, FTVA HoH Membr etc
SWANSON, Paul H.V. LCol 1994 Pilot SS 1st RB-29 ACRP effort; Cmdr 7406th SS when #60528 shot down
SWIESTRA, Rudy J. Capt 1958 Ol'Timer; ACRP pilot out of SS/7406th; killed in Sep 2-58 C130 shoot down
SWINDELL, James "June" CMSgt 198? SS fm '50; premier communicator
SWINEHART, Paul W. SSgt 1956 SS ACRP linguist @ Yokota; lost on RB-50 msn 09-10-56
SZUMSKI, Stanley LCol 1992 SS Ol-Timer Cmd and Eur Sec Rgn opns staff off
TAMSETT, Frank Samuel CMSgt 1999 SS Ol'Timer; retired out of AFSS AFCD; very active in Masonic Order & Affiliates
TANAKA, Ernie SSgt 1964 292/207 Supervisor @ Chicksands
TATE, Howard LCol 1986 OIC, Cmd Special Applications Engineering Lab (Spook Stuff)
TATUM, Odis M. Unk 1986 No background
TAUS, Tom LCol 1995 Russ Linguist; weather specialist
TAYLOR, Darrell T. TSgt 1997 Career of 20-yrs in SS; FTVA member
TAYLOR, Jimmy L. MSgt 2000 SS era; logistics/material specialist Cmd Hq, Germany, Okinawa, Japan, et al
TEAGUE, Elmer Lee SMSgt 2000 AFCD Tech Svc & Civ; Vet WWII, active Masonic Order, 32°; Helotes/SAT
TESSMAN, Phyllis GS 1997 SS Flt Opns scheduling, etc; aka Phyllis Odom
TESSMER, Bernard D. Unk 1992 SS Ol'Timer, Opns/Comm; 6913thRSM, Bremerhaven, Ger; et al
TESTRAKE, Al Sgt 1984 Chinese linguist @ Kadena; suicide
THARP, Robert N. GS 1993 Chinese professor; mentored USAFSS Chi ling; ran Yale IFEL program
THOMAS, Kenneth Unk 1997 Background unknown
THOMPSON, Charles H. MSgt 1986 Background not known
THOMPSON, John H. GS 1986 No details
THOMPSON, Leslie M. SMSgt 197? ACRP; AMT at Yokota,Omaha, ESR, & SS Cmd Hq; died of lung cancer mid 70's
THOMPSON, Rex M. SMSgt 1982 NCOIC CE/Comm @ 6913/Bremerhaven 57-60; ret in 70s
TIETZ, Edward C. Unk 1991 Background not known
TILLMAN, Terry W. CMSgt 1998 SS from 1960's, retired in Osan Korea, ret 1987 stayed there as GS to death; stroke
TINNEY, Frank Col 1997 Cmd Staff, DCS/Personnel
TOBIN, Gary A2C 1964 Frankfort. Auto accident in Frankfort.
TOMKINS, Edward L. MSgt 19?? SS Ol'Timer, Opns AFSC, 6913th RSM, Bremerhaven, Ger; et al
TOVEN, Albert P. TSgt 199? SS OL'Timer, Opns AFSC, Brooks AFB, 6913th RSM, AFSCC; others
TOWLER, Harry Col 1958 Chix CO mid-50s and @ NSA
TOWNLEY, Thomas Unk 1988 No details
TRACY, Thomas M Unk 2001 202 @ Chicksands, Alaska
TREJO, Cleofas Unk 1985 292/207 @ 6917th early 60s
TRIAS, Theodorus J. SSgt 1956 SS ACRP linguist @ Yokota; lost on RB-50 msn 09-10-56
TRIMBLE, Norman L. Unk 1997 SS Operations; FTVA member
TUCKER, Susan Unk 1986 No details
TWOMBLY, Donald J. LCol 19?? Opns Officer
TYLER, Peggy J. Dancer GS 1999 SS Ol'Timer, w\35 yrs svc, ret from AFEWC, avid bowler, member of Eastern Star
URBANECK, Frank G. GS 1994 292XX/Analyst; WWII radio operator; copied German surrender message
VANN, John Unk 1992 No background
VIDA, William "Bill" MSgt 1998 SS Ol'timer, was a Radio Intcpt Maint Technician
VILLARREAL, Ricardo M. 1Lt 1958 SS ACRP C130 Navigator out of USAFE 7406th; killed in Sep 2-59 shoot down
VOLLE, Robert "Bob" SMSgt 1988 Airborne @ Alaska, ESE, R/M, Omaha, Hahn, Key West. Heart problems.
VOORHIS, Daniel TSgt 1985 Background not known
WADDLE, Carl CMSgt 1997 292XX, SS Ol'Timer
WAKING, Elmer Unk 1989 No details
WALLENDER, Robert L. Col 2001 Previously commander of 6994th in Vietnam
WALTERS, Jack L. CMSgt 2000 SS Ol'Timer, 29290, SIGINT Support Opns
WARD, Charles "Charlie" TSgt 2000 Airborne 292 @ Yokota early 60s
WARD, Hal T. "Pappy" MSgt 2001 WWII era vet ret 1959. Initial cadre to activate 6920th/Japan in 1953
WARDEN, Brenda GS 1998 SS Ol'timer in Cmd Comsec Engineering Directorate
WARREN, Dorsey J. TSgt 1994 202XX, 6989th RSM; Instructor Goodfellow AFB, et al
WATSON, Johnnie A. MSgt 19?? SS ACRP A29271 @ Rhein-Main in early 60's
WATSON, Ladd LCol 19?? Cmd Hq Staff
WATSON, Paul E. Unk 1996 COMSEC; SS Ol'timer, was a Mason, DAV
WATTS, DAVID L. SMSgt 199x SS Ol'Timer, 41st (6913 RSM), Bremerhaven; many others
WEAVER, Marion M.,Jr. SMSgt 1999 SS Ok'Timer, Data Processor, Zweibrukcken, Crete, Cmd Hq, et al
WEBB, James "Jim" MSgt 19?? ACRP, Russian linguist Rhein-Main/Eileson early/late 60's; then AFSCC @ KAFB
WEBER, Robert V. Unk 19?? SS OL'Timer; Brooks AFB; 6913 RSM, Bremerhaven, Ger, et al
WEGE, Walter Unk 1990 ACRP; Vietnamese linguist @ 6990tth/Kadena
WEITZ, Gene MSgt 197? ACRP; Russian linguist; Eielson, Rhein-Main & Athens; heart attack in Athens early 70's
WELCH, Dean C CMSgt 1993 202 with USAFSS 30+ years. Served in Italy, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, and Hawaii.
WENDT, Alvin Unk 1989 Background Unknown
WEST, John E. GS 1997 SS Ol'Timer; 30-year career; was in Masonic Lodge, DAV
WEST, Rolland C. Maj 2001 Hq USAFSS Comm Ctr (1970s)
WEYANDT, Paul W. CMSgt 1987 Expert ARDF in SEA; 900 missions flown. Car accident.
WHEELER, William "Butch" Col 1997 EW expert; Cmd Staff retired as Cmdr 6981st; retired to fishing guide in Alaska
WHITCOMB, Oliver "Ollie" Maj 198? SS ACRP; Russian linguist, officer with 6990th at Kadena; NCO/Officer AMS
WHITE, Bruce E. CMSgt 1998 SS Ol'timer from WWII as Rad Opr, then Ditte Bopper; Ret CMSgt & Res CWO-3
WHITE, John K. LCol 1996 SS Ol'Timer from 50's; Ops Officer; WWII vet; was in D-Day invasion
WHITTEMORE, Donald D. CMSgt 1984 Opns; Russian linguist, Cmd Hq, PSR area, et al
WHYTOSHEK, Rudolph J. A1C 19?? SS ACRP linguist @ Rhein -Main '59-'60, et al
WIDEMAN, Rudol;ph V. CMSgt 1996 Maint Supt Cmd Hq; Medina AB; Italy, et al
WILDES, Gordon W. Col 1994 SS Ol'Timer from 50's; Dep Cmdr Cmd; ESR; Hq AFIC; a true GI's officer
WILEY, Carl W. CWO 1997(?) SS Ol'Timer, Opns Supv, 6989th RSM, et al
WILKIE, Carl J. SSgt 2000 SS Ol'Timer, Brooks AFB 202XX, asgd: 2nd RSM, Darmstadt, Ger 1952-55.
WILLIAMS, Douglas, Jr CMSgt 1995 Comm; BBall player Hq & 6950, et al
WILLIAMS, Kenneth V. GS 1999 SS Ol'Timer from Capt in US Navy WWII era; well known; highly regarded
WILLIAMS, Melva E. Unk 1993 Background not known
WILLIAMS, Noah W. CMSgt 1996 20290, SS fm '50; Alaska, Greece, Japan, et al
WILLIAMS, Robert L. SMSgt 1993 Personnel, Cmd Hq, 6970, ESR, Korea
WILLIAMSON, William P. Col 1997 Cmd Staff
WILSON, Herbert D. SSgt 1969 ACRP; Russian linguist, lost on mission ??
WILSON, Russell G. Unk 19?? SS ACRP linguist @ Rhein-Main 1957-59, et al
WINEINGER, Wesley "Wes" CWO 198? ASA to found AFSS 1950 along w/Maj John P. Shean; Comm Spec; HOH Member
WINTER, Donald H. SSgt 19?? SS Ol'Timer; Brooks AFB; 6913 RSM, et al
WINTERSOLE, Lloyd Col 1986 Cmd Staff
WITHOFF, Perry CWO 1990 Personnel expert, SS Ol'Timer from ASA in '50
WOLINSKY, Ivan L. "Lee" LCol 1996 HoH member; ACRP,ARDF, et al
WOOD, George SMSgt 1999 SS Ol'Timer 29290, ETO, Japan, PSR, Cmd Hq, et al
WRIGHT, James D. Unk 19?? SS ACRP linguist @ Rhein-Main AB, Ger 1957-59, et al
WRIGHT, Louis "Lou" TSgt 2001 Background not known
WRIGHT, Purl C. "Pop" MSgt 1979 SS fm '50; WWI; WWII; 1st RSM cadre, premier planner on Cmd Staff
WRIGHT, William D. MSgt 19?? AFSS from 60's, Communicator, Cmd Hq, 6925th, Clark AFB
YADLOSKY, Paul H. TSgt 1996 Russian Linguist; Cmd Hq, duty ETO area mostly
YORK, Edward J. Col 1984 No background
YOUNG, Luther R. CMSgt 1996 Career USAFSS. Asgnmts in Japan; Ops Supt in Turkey 1976/77,
ZAKREZEWSKI, Richard MSgt/GS 1997 Analyst Tech; .SS Ol'Timer; Old Crow; VFW Post 6012