Just got word that MSgt (Ret) Donald (Wimpy) Belmont, a former Russian linguist at Rhein-Main & Yokota in the early days of the USAFSS airborne program, passed away Sunday. Wimpy`s family can be reached at (830) 935-4900.

Remain in touch, //Bob Cope//

As not only a PWGer, but one who was also fortunate to have worked and played with Wimpy in the early 60`s at Rhein-Main and Frankkkfurt, I have doubled the desire to help defray any costs for the staanding florals or whatever from "all of us" that Joe so adequately arranged. The memories of Wimpy the person and Wimpy the legend will be with me forever.......

//Ron K//

Dear Dan, I`m sorry to inform you that we lost another of our Eagles recently. CWO3 Donald "Wimpy" Belmont died on 14 Dec 97 after a long illness. Don served in the Navy, Air Force and Army. He retired in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, where he became a talented wood sculptor. He is survived by his wife Marie Gudadalupe, daughters Cassandra and Vanessa, and a son Brendon. Wimpy brought a lot of joy to all of us who knew him and we will miss him.

Sincerely, //Murl Spears//

What more can I say about Wimpy - he was a legend in his time and will remain a legend forever. He was at Yokota when I arrived and there when I left and I am filled with fond memories of the wonderful times we shared on the ground and in the air. He was a happy gregarious person who delighted in sharing the positive side of life with all. I was delighted to see him again after 30 years at the SOB reunion in 1996. Hadn`t changed a bit, still happy and smiling despite the fact he was waiting for a heart transplant which never came. No doubt he and Tony Daluz are up there raising hell and awaiting my arrival to get the never ending reunion started. Be patient guys, I`ll be along soon. Rip

//Big John//

The information for this obituary was compiled by John S. (Big John) Deaver.